A way from silk and brocade to space systems canopies

At the beginning of the last century there were already 200 silk factories in Russia, of which 175 were located in Moscow and the Moscow province. It terms of volumes and quality of brocade and fine silk fabrics the first place in Russia belonged to the factories of the A. and V. Sapozhnikovs Partnership. The brothers founded hand weaving silk factory in Kurakino village in 1875, thus having laid the foundation to large scale production of brocade and silk fabrics. Since 1852 the enterprise of Sapozhnikovs consistently fulfills the orders of the Court Department supplying fabrics for the clothes of priests, for the days of the imperators sacred coronation as well as supplying fabrics for decoration of palaces. Besides, according to the highest established pattern the Moscow factory fulfills the orders producing the banners and standards of high artistic merit. The regular buyers of the brocade are the Bukhara residents, using it for clothes, Tibetan Dalai Lama, who orders the fabrics with unhackneyed design of Buddhistic cult. Plenty of brocade is bought by Mongols and finally the representatives of fashion shops from Paris and London, ordering lightweight fabrics for women’s clothes. The factory became very popular in the field of production of furniture fabrics made of silk and paper thanks to its quality and artistic weaves of different eras. Singularity and artistry of pattern alone with richness and high quality of the fabric put the products of Sapozhnikovs into the forefront at all exhibitions in compare with factories of Lion and the best Italian factories. In1891 the factory was awarded a gold medal at the Russian exhibition, and at All-Russian exhibition of 1896 the factory was entitled to use the State Emblem on its products. Having participated in 11 international exhibitions the company was awarded a Grand Prix, first place diploma and 5 gold medals or medals of honor.
In 1923 on the basis of the competition among the Moscow factories of Silk business organizations (Shelkotrest) the company was awarded a name of “Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa” (Leading Textile worker). Until today the factory carries this honorary title with dignity and sense.
For now it is a modern manufacturing enterprise with high-performance equipment, specializing in production of technical fabrics:
– parachute fabrics for aircraft industry and aerospace systems;
– filter cloths for aluminium and porcelain and faience industries;
– as the basis for manufacturers of rubber goods;
- special fabrics for manufacture of personal body armors and as the fillers for plastics of construction purposes.