General characteristics of products

Technical fabrics for special purposes, produced from polyamide, polyester and aramid threads of 3.3-167 tex.
Wide range of linear densities and up-to-date manufacturing equipment make it possible to produce fabrics of different linear densities and structures. Scores of different fabric styles have been developed and introduced into different national economy areas. Aramid fiber of new generation “Rusar” was developed for manufacture of fabrics for strategic missiles “Topol-M”, “Bulava”, for armor crewmen protection suits of “Cowboy” type and military forces protection suits of “Permyachka” type. Fluorine-containing fabrics produced by the enterprise Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa work as thermal panels of spacecraft; meteorite traps on space stations are equipped with aramid fabrics – they are used for descent modules. Fabrics made of high strength aramid fibers are used for production of ballistic protection means for equipment and manufacture of body protection means for military personnel of any kind of military branch, as well as for high strength and ultralight composite materials for aircraft, rocket and missile engineering, for pneumatic structures on request of Emergency Control Ministry and other high-end technologies.

Another important direction is a manufacture of fabrics for different parachute systems, starting with lightweight sports models and till cargo type parachutes. Besides, the enterprise has developed fabrics for CU-22 and MIG-21 parachute systems. Another assortment line of business is manufacture of filter cloths. These fabrics from Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa are used for porcelain and faience, ore mining and smelting, as well as dairy industries.