Technical fabrics for special purposes

 Dmitriy Leonidovich BRUSKOV

Director General of CJSC Korolevskaya Shelkovaya Fabrika Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa


Korolevskaya Shelkovaya Fabrika Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa produces modern technical fabrics for special purposes used for manufacture of parachutes, body armors, crash helmets, rubber rescue devices, pneumatic structures of airmobile hospitals for Emergency Control Ministry.

 Like all textile enterprises the factory is facing a number of serious challenges, such as lack of domestic raw materials base,    deteriorated physically and technically manufacturing equipment. Thanks to consistent marketing, technical and personnel policy aimed at re-equipment and modernization of production, preservation of human resources and improvement of social conditions of workers, the management of the company has managed to preserve the unique production, qualified personnel and to increase production volume of fabrics. Reconstruction and technical re-equipment, installation of new manufacturing equipment allowed CJSC KSF Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa to improve quality of fabrics, obtain agile production and opportunity for further extention. Particular emphasis is given to optimizing the manufacturing technology of ballistic multifunctional materials made of high strength aramid fibers, used for production of body armor facilities for military personnel of any kind of military branch and machines armoring. Body armors, made of these fabrics, are in all respects superior to existing models. The products are of high fragments resistance and protect from a wide range of weapon, retain strength properties at high temperatures. Quality management system, certified according to international standard ISO 9001:2008, was implemented at factory. The enterprise has a Certificate No. 1510052714. This allows us to expand markets, improve enterprise management, reduce production costs and improve quality. The production of the factory is well-known on a domestic market. Today the company is taking steps to develop an international market, participating in international exhibitions. In 2010 KSF Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa was awarded an award of governor of the Moscow Region “For achievements in the field of industrial production” as a result of merit in the field of textile and light industry. Being a winner of all-Russian contest “Best Russian enterprises: dynamics, efficiency, responsibility-2009” the company was awarded a certificate of chamber of commerce & industry in nomination “For sustainable development of production". In March of 2010 the company was awarded the A.N. Kosygin Award “great achievements in addressing the problems of economic development in Russia”.  


The company's expected future development is related to increasing demand for fabrics, used for production of body armor facilities and local armor protection that can withstand high-speed bullets and fragments. The enterprise faces the task to shift production of all aramid fabrics to high-tech weaving machines, i.e. to re-equip the manufacturing process and to replace domestic machines with micro shuttles by installing rapier weaving machines. The company investigates the market and studies the possibility to process carbon fibers to produce fabrics fibers or to process unidirectional structures for structural carbon fibers, used in aircraft contraction and other industries, as well as to produce multi-axial fabrics that have a number of competitive advantages, such as:


       • reduction of layers of fabric when laying;

       composites manufacture process optimization;

       reinforcing the composite material in different directions;

       reduction of coupling agents, contained in structure of multi-axial fabrics;

       physical integrity improvement;

       plain surface of laminated material.


Due to of incoming requests, the company has developed an opportunity to produce fabrics with low level of air permeability for fundamentally new parachute systems. One of the important business lines is manufacture of fire and heat-resistant fabrics for special-purpose clothing for the workers of oil and gas complex and energy companies.