New development in production of ballistic materials and protection means

Much attention around the world is paid to health and safety of people, whose daily activities are related to extreme situations. High strength aramid, plastic and fiber materials and composites, as well other hybrid, ceramic and other non-metallic materials are coming more often into use for production of body armor facilities for this purpose.

In September 2010, upon an initiative of Russian Academy of Missile and Ammunition Sciences, Association of designers and manufacturers of body armor facilities by using aramid materials ARSIB, Central Experimental and Proving Establishment of Specialized mechanic engineering, High-strength material Center Armokom and OAO NII Stali was held an XI International Conference dedicated to “Emerging trends in design and application of ballistic materials and means of protection.” Issues proposed for consideration were of great concern among specialists of the leading institutes and foreign organizations and companies engaged in development and production of materials and means of protection. More than 160 scientists and engineers from 73 countries attended the conference. 69 reports on topical issues related to individual and collective fire and ballistic protection were heard and discussed.  All reports were dedicated to advanced nonmetallic materials.

It was noted at the conference that the level of scientific research in this field is growing considerably, practical effects were obtained – new materials were designed, new domestic samples of protective equipment were developed, tested and provided to Russian military establishments and special detachments.

The conference clearly showed that Russia has necessary scientific and technical potential currently and created a considerable backlog of competitive developments as for ballistic materials and armored constructions of international standard.

Today the equipment of soldiers is in most cases includes very lightweight and durable composites. Particular attention is paid to fire-resistant chemical, membrane-film materials to enhance comfort of clothes, as well as to radiation scattering fiber materials to reduce the chances of being detected by technical means of intelligence.

The specialists of CJSC Korolevskaya Shelkovaya Fabrika Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa participated in International conference and presented their own report. Within the framework of agreements of 2009-2010 to manufacture and research aramid fibers and fabrics the CJSC Korolevskaya Shelkovaya Fabrika Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa together with thread producers and customers obtained fabric samples on the basis of aramid fibers with fundamentally new properties. The specialists are in search of new technologies to get the most bulletproof materials for body armor facilities and local armor protection that can withstand high-speed bullets and fragments. Besides, they proceed working on reducing weight of armored structures. The specialists conducted research of armored structure made of aramid fiber Rusar at test center Mellrichstadt, Germany (see report in Appendix No. 1).

The test results show that the body armors are in all respects (economic, technical) superior to existing models and application of new technologies allows us to produce fabrics with fundamentally new technical and quality characteristics.

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