Russian soldier will have no protection?

The manufacturers of body armors and helmets ring the alarm:

In August 2008 during the war in South Ossetia the whole world saw a Russian soldier wearing a tin hat of the Great Patriotic War and the body armors from the times of the war in Afghanistan. Someone laughed, and some felt sorrow for such disgraceful munitions... 

Apparently the penny has dropped in the offices of the Ministry of Defense, because during the period of 2009 and 2010 the procurement of Russian-made modern, as people say, Kevlar helmets and body armors of domestic production increased by several times.
But it is also true that at the same time the Main Missile and Artillery Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the RF, that ordered modern weapons and means of protection, was reorganized, being reduced by 10 times and they eliminated the Rzhev landfill – the main test base, and instead of it they created new departments and offices with unpronounceable names.
Ether this “modernizations” or somebody’s evil will was to blame, but this year protection means industry stopped again…
It is the fourth month of the year, tenders for means of protection of the soldiers are not announced, taking into account that it takes almost 2 months from the date of tender till the date of contract conclusion and launching the production. And November is a last month of financial year of Ministry of Defense. There are only six months left!

If the best happened…

There are rumors that at the top of the ministry there is an intention to eradicate this position in the Defense Procurement and Acquisition. They are not hard to believe in, as different prominent generals claim about poor quality of our arms or high price.
Now nobody but the Italian company Iveco is not able to supply combat vehicles for our army, now the Germans are to supply the armor for our military equipment, then there is a necessity to buy military equipage Felin from the French…
But there were overwhelming field tests on the Rzhev landfill of the protection means captured in the Caucasus in 2008. There were composite helmets and modern bulletproof body guards produced in the USA, South Africa, Israel and other countries. And it was established that Russian protection means made of aramid fibers and ceramic, developed and army accepted long ago, are not worse, but better than of the opponent.
Army accepted but the army has not more than 5-6% of the required quantity. Even not one rifle for 10 soldiers as it was during the early days of the Great Patriotic War, but for 20 soldiers and one new helmet or body armor.
However, the military psychologists admit quality personal protection is one of the main factors influencing the resolution, courage and aggressiveness of a soldier. In other words, the combat capability of units is almost directly associated with available means of protection!

And here is a burning question: who wants to leave a soldier without modern protection? And it is in the days of fabulous prices for oil – the main filler of budget and military as well...
And here is a question about high price of the Russian military equipment, that out generals like to discuss. The price is largely determined by the requirements to domestic means of protection established by the same military. For instance, none of the captured body armor and the most recent models of the USA like IOTV type cannot stop armor-piercing incendiary bullet from a sniper rifle Dragunov (SVD). But out latest assault vests of 6B13 and 6B43 types must stop without fail!
Composite helmets of the Russian army of the last generation of 6B27, 6B7-1M types, having weight of 1.25 kg must withstand the bullet with heat-treated core of TT pistol (still terrible weapon!). But the Americans even do not think about such things.
And for some reason everybody forgets about another important factor: the strategic missile “Topol”, “Bulava” and equipment of nuclear industry, as well as personal armor facilities are powered from one root system – a high-tech chemistry of aramid fibers. Chop off one of the roots and the whole tree will wither!
Who need it?