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Quality Policies


CJSC KSF Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa

CJSC KSF Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa was founded in 1875 and is one of the leading Russian companies engaged in manufacturing of special-purpose technical fabrics. The company fabrics have a wide range of applications and are used in aviation, space and rubber industries and for manufacturing of personal armored protective equipment, heat-resistant and fire-proof products, parachutes, filters for the mining and metallurgical industry.

Having high production and human recourses capacity, the company follows its key course targeted at manufacturing competitive products and maximum satisfaction of consumer needs.

Main tasks of the company:


  • Maintain the existing sales markets and enter new ones;
  • Develop and place new products on the market;
  • Improve the quality of output products in accordance with the requirements of consumers and exceed their expectations. The consumer is always right. The consumer is a key source of welfare and development of the company and, therefore, the consumer needs to be absolutely respected;
  • Increase efficiency of the company operation;
  • Maintain favorable psychological environment among the staff to timely detect and resolve arising issues;
  •  Improve skills of the employees which affect the quality of products manufactured;
  • Improve working conditions for the employees.



Main directions of the company for implementation of the set tasks:

  • Systematic analysis of requirements and expectations of the consumer and satisfaction thereof by our products;
  • Implementation of requirements and constant improvement of the quality management system under ISO 9001;
  • Exploration of new production technologies and advancement of the existing technologies;
  • Technical re-equipment of production;
  • Development of mutually favorable relations with suppliers upon the principles of good faith and partnership;



The management undertakes to implement the said Quality Policies, to provide for understanding and support thereof by all the employees of the company.


Director General

January 27, 2015


D. L. Bruskov