About company

A company is a modern manufacturing enterprise, covering a full completed production cycle from a thread to a finished fabric including all necessary engineering and technical services.

The enterprise is equipped with up-to-date home and imported equipment including beaming, weaving machinery and finishing equipment that allow us to manufacture technical fabrics for special purposes as required and of adequate quality.

Our todays’ manufacturing capacities allow us to provide the customers with fabrics of extra high quality and in a very short time. Today the factory produces more than 100 articles and fabrics.

Being the biggest manufacturer of fabrics in Russia, the company offers exclusive products for:

– manufacture of body armor facilities for military personnel of any kind of military branch and machines armoring;

– parachute systems of different purpose;

– production of rubber boats and personal sea rescue devices;

– fillers for organic plastics and high strength composite materials used for manufacture of aircraft and aerospace equipment as a trimming inside cabins of airplanes and helicopters;

– protective overalls for fire guard and EMERCOM representatives against high temperatures, heat flows of high intensity and possible fire outbursts when operating under condition of extreme situations;

– manufacture of filters for dairy, sugar, porcelain and faience, ore mining and smelting industries, as well as for liquid fuel filtration;

– manufacture of overalls for mining industry.