Fabrics for means individual armor

The problem of protecting people from any kind of weapon is an old one and to solve this problem people went all the way from chain armor to modern universal body armor. Ballistic materials technologies are constantly developing since the 60th when the first concealable vests were produced on the basis of Nylon T-728 and that could withstand the bullets of low energy. But a really revolutionary occurrence in the field of body armor facilities was an invention of high strength fabrics on the basis of aramid fibers of new generation Rusar. High strength fabric packages are able to stop the bullets of the most pistols and revolvers produced throughout the world. The days when the manufacturers of armored clothes used the advantages of really excellent aramid fabric Rusar and produced isotropic in terms of thickness packages are irrevocably gone. Besides, an era of steel bulletproof plates is close to its end. Solution of such tasks as weight-saving and adding flexibility to armored packages and at the same time bullet and fragments resistance improvement creates a field of activity for designing new fabrics for body armors. Various fabric structures, application of threads of different number of cords, twists and application of microfilamentary fibers gives more opportunities for development of range of fabrics.