Company Description

CJSC KSF Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa was founded in 1875 and today is engaged in manufacture of technical fabrics.

The enterprises arise in different ways: some grow on the basis of old plants, while the others are the new ones. Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa has its own fate and rich history; the factory has already celebrated its centenary. And the walls of the facilities in Tekstilschik village witnessed a lot

From a factory with the employees dependent on manufacturer, through nationalization, controversial stage of state property to leased enterprise and to joint-stock company – such is a 135 years way of development of the enterprise. One can see a date – 1875 – above the entrance to the central building, made of bricks. This is a year, when the famous company of Sapozhnikov acquired an unprofitable, unpromising and dilapidated factory in Kurakino village. Just in two years weaving facilities were ready and equipped with new equipment for manufacture of fabrics of natural silk. It is amazing - when there was no even a definition of technical design, our ancestors instinctively obtained the perfect combination of beauty and usefulness. The factory facilities were built for a full due. Combination of foreign architects’ talent and witty mind of the Russian handworkers multiplied by the money and will of Sapozhnikovs’ generation generated wonders of engineering and technology, which make us admire even today. Silk and brocade of the Sapozhnikovs’ company represented our company at respected level at international and world exhibitions. Fabrics of Saposhnikovs company are our national treasure, a phenomenon not only of industry, but also of a culture. It's no coincidence that Fedor Ivanovich Shalyapin compared the impression of silks from Sapozhnikovs with exposure to art, ennobling and elevating the soul. And we are proud of the facts that this beauty was born in our factory.

After Russian revolution was over, the factory was nationalized and the manufacture was stopped. To kick-start production was a dream of all workers and the main task of Shelkotrest that was in charge of the factory. But nobody thought about silk or brocade of Sapozhnikovs, but about cheap cotton chintz. By the decision of the Supreme council of national economy due to lack of natural raw materials the factory launched the manufacture of semi-silk fabrics in 1922. In 1923 the factory took the first place at competition among the factories of Shelkotrest and got a name of “Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa” (Leading Textile Worker) and carries it proudly till today. In the 30s there was a spreading Stakhanov movement across the country, which was maintained by many workers of the Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa and hereditary weaver Maria Nikolaevna Dvoryaninova was among them. In 1939 Maria Nikolaevna was awarded an Order of the Red Banner of Labor and laid foundation to glorious history of order bearers of the factory. Let’s pay tribute to our veterans, whose experience and skills are honored and enriched by young employees.

Without historical memory a man and the company can be compared with a tree without roots. And it is essential that there is a museum on the territory of the factory that exhibits the past and present of the factory.

As for the present of Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa it is a modern textile manufacturing enterprise equipped with home and imported equipment. Due to external factors connected with historical stages of the country development, the factory Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa totally changed its profile of manufactured products. During the war the factory shifted to production of military products - technical fabrics for special purposes: parachute silk, military cloth, fabrics for camouflage cloaks. In the 60s, the period of rapid development of chemical industry, the factory was one of the first that began producing technical fabrics for special purposes made of synthetic fibers and threads. The fabrics of Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa work as thermal panels of spacecraft; meteorite traps on space stations are equipped with these fabrics and they are used for descent modules. Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa works with high strength aramid fibers that are used for production of ballistic protection means for equipment and manufacture of body protection means for military personnel of any kind of military branch, as well as for high strength and ultralight composite materials for aircraft and rocket and missile engineering, for pneumatic structures on request of Emergency Control Ministry and other high-end technologies. Another important direction is a manufacture of fabrics for different parachute systems, starting with lightweight sports models and till cargo type parachutes. Another assortment line of business is manufacture of filter cloths. These filters from Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa are used for porcelain and faience, ore mining and smelting, aluminium as well as dairy industries.

Serious and unique nature of range of products involves high technological and professional level. 1980 was a year when the reconstruction of the weaving manufacture was finished and all manufacturing equipment was replaced with new machines. The company constantly introduces new technologies of production of fabrics, develops a new competitive range of products, and carries out modernization of existing equipment. New weaving machines placed in commission with reference to reconstruction allowed the factory to improve significantly the working conditions.

There are relaxation rooms; the factory pays for workers visiting a pool, massage room. The enterprise has a physician, a dentist. The company pays for treatment and vacations in sanatoria and rest houses of its employees.

In order to develop commercial relationships, the joint-stock company management structure suffered considerable changes during the last years. A commercial center was established, which includes marketing service and distribution service. The company participates in different exhibitions and fairs in order to study the directions of development of textile industry and introduces its own products on home and foreign markets.

1992 has become a new landmark in a long history of the Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa – form of ownership was changed and the enterprise became a closed joint-stock company with a stock of shares belonging to corporate team. Perhaps the extra privatization was necessary - the state was unable to provide the livelihoods of entire industries, not to mention the individual enterprises. It was a hard time for Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa. But we survived, we are working, developing, making plans for future.

The factor hindering the development of manufacture was lack of finishing production in the structure of factory. A finishing block was placed in commission under terms of challenging economic environment; new modern equipment of the leading foreign firms, which has not analogues in domestic engineering, was installed.

Thanks for considered measures of the management of the company the rate of increase in production during the first half of a year reached in volume and money terms the figures comparable with the period of the last year that allows the company to retain the qualified personnel and to have sources for development of the enterprise. Our plans are calculated for the nearest year. We’ve worked a lot of on it, understanding that the factory is a complex mechanism that is designed to serve to people and town.

135 years is a huge period as for an enterprise of the Russian textile industry. The experience gained over the years, well established team of highly qualified specialists, well-trained employees, dynamic managers create the necessary level of technological culture that determines the priorities of development of the enterprise and allows it to take a rightful place within new Russian economy.