Enterprise history

The history of one of the oldest enterprises in Russia –Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa factory goes back to the far 1875. Since then the enterprise changed from a factory engaged in manufacture of brocade and silk into the largest Russian manufacturer of technical fabrics for special purposes and today the enterprise celebrates its 130th anniversary. 
Technical textile is a vital component of strategically important industries: ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, construction industry, automobile and food industry, military and engineering aerospace establishments, oil and gas processing industry, tailoring and footwear industries, besides it is irreplaceable in products meant for medicine, hygiene and ecology. Textile fabrics are used to filter gasoline, water, oil, contaminated air, process gases. For now it is impossible to construct modern roads without textile materials, to perform drainage and irrigation works. Floors and roofs are covered with textile fabrics; they are used for walls strengthening, football grounds covering.
Following the reconstruction and re-equipment in 1983 today it is a modern manufacturing enterprise with full completed production cycle from a tread to a finished fabric including all necessary engineering and technical services as well as its own laboratory and engineering department for development and production of new fabrics. The enterprise is equipped with up-to-date home and imported equipment including beaming, weaving machinery and finishing equipment that allow it to manufacture technical fabrics for special purposes as required and of adequate quality. 1992 has become a new landmark in a long history of Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa, when form of ownership was changed and the enterprise became a closed joint-stock company.
It was a hard time for the company. As for the whole country the next few years seemed to us as decades. But we survived, we go on working, developing, making plans for future. Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa became the largest supplier of technical fabrics on the Russian market. 
Increase in production volumes and rate of profit allow us to retain qualified personnel and to have a sources for enterprise development.
Moving forward, creating a new range of products required introduction of new technologies of production of technical fabrics. So the question came up to replace existing equipment with new one, able to meet the requirements of the customers. The cost of re-equipment during the last years amounted more than 30 mln. rubles. Our todays’ manufacturing capacities allow us to provide the customers with fabrics of extra high quality and in a very short time.

The requirement of modern consumer market and of situation that has developed in the textile industry has set the task for the enterprise to produce finished fabrics. That is why the company launched its own finishing production despite all difficulties. This direction became the final stage in a cycle of production of finished products and allowed the company to improve quality considerably and to decrease the cost of produced fabrics. The company installed five imported finishing equipment units that do not have analogues in a domestic machine building. Thanks to finishing machine we can not only improve quality of our fabrics, but to impart new properties to fabrics.
Launching finishing production has led to a restructuring of the entire quality control system, and first of all a new chemical laboratory was created with just one task – to launch finishing production. New equipment was acquired, new checking procedures were mastered, people were trained and the first fabrics finishing technologies were developed in these walls. For now the laboratory has enough capabilities and personnel qualification to manage control of production beginning with incoming raw materials inspection for the whole processing chain and up to finished products control according to all specified parameter and according to regulatory documents.
One of the key divisions of the factory as for arranging manufacturing process and produced fabric control is a quality control department where the qualified controllers determine the quality of crude and finished fabric. The customer’s opinion about products of the factory depends to a large extent on attentiveness, competence and knowledge of regulatory documents.
Under conditions of developing market the enterprise was able to find and occupy a market niche. Being a specialist in production of fabrics for special purposes the factory has been a permanent supplier for defense industry, Ministry of Home Affairs, engineering aerospace establishments for more than ten years.  The geographical location of the factory has a certain effect on the manufactured products range.
One of the main customers of the factory is a Russian Corporation Energia. The fabrics of Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa work as thermal panels of spacecraft; meteorite traps on space stations are equipped with these fabrics and they are used for descent modules.
Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa was one of the first who started working with high strength aramid fibers that are used for production of ballistic protection means for equipment and manufacture of body protection means for military personnel of any kind of military branch, as well as for high strength and ultralight composite materials for aircraft and rocket and missile engineering, for pneumatic structures on request of Emergency Control Ministry and other high-end technologies.
Seriousness and uniqueness of products range envisage high technological and professional level.

Today’s the most important fields of concern of the company are the following:
- development of a new competitive range of products;
- innovative projects in the field of technologies development and exploration of new raw materials;
– stabilization of employees work process, maintaining the opportunities of the specialists – weavers, weave-room second hands and engineers.

In order to develop commercial relationships, the joint-stock company management structure suffered considerable changes during the last years. A commercial center was established, which includes marketing service and distribution service. Qualified specialists of the factory are ready to help in solving customers’ problems. You may consult on new and promising fabrics, quality of manufactured products, the specialists will help to choose the right fabric among huge variety on the basis of requirements and objectives of the consumer. The factory is open for cooperation. Individual approach, high production rates, a decent quality of products along with flexible price policy allow the company to adopt its positions on the Russian market, focusing on a new partnership relations on the basis of mutual benefit.

The company tries to participate in all regional, federal and international exhibitions and fairs in order to study the directions of development of textile industry and to introduce its own products on home and foreign markets.The best fabrics were awarded honorary diplomas and medals for supreme quality.

As part of reconstruction the company built new weaving facilities that allowed it to improve considerably working conditions, to arrange comfortable relaxation rooms and to let the employees to relax in a pool, massage room, sauna. Today there is a medical station, where an employee can receive adequate medical care, advice. After the end of the shift the employee can visit a dentist, a physician. Just a few enterprises managed to retain all those social benefits that were a common practice during Soviet Union period, and Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa is one of them.

Our plans are calculated for the nearest year. We’ve worked a lot of on it, understanding that the factory is a complex mechanism that is designed to serve to people and town.
On the eve of the anniversary I would like to say that the factory took measures to certificate its quality system in accordance with international standards ISO 9001 and it became a certain guarantee that the consumer will receive a product he requires.
Until recently the factory only tracked and studied information concerning the global and domestic textile market, also using the omnipresent "Internet". Two years ago the company launched a new web-site of Peredovaya Tekstilschitsa. Information influences the quality and therefore the competitiveness. It has long been understood that there is no more isolation. The company requires integration on a domestic as well as international level. We have something to offer to the world community - our fabrics for special purposes:
- for airspace products;
-fabrics for body armors and special protection, that are superior to Kevlar products;
- fire and heat resisting materials.

I’m telling about these successes not for creating “anniversary entourage". Our small but very significant for the enterprise victories suggest that in the current extreme conditions you can achieve a lot if you do not give up, do not wait for “miracle” salvation and are acting based on the accumulated potential.

135 years is a huge period as for an enterprise of the Russian textile industry. The experience gained over the years, well established team of highly qualified specialists, well-trained employees, dynamic managers create the necessary level of technological culture that determines the priorities of development of the enterprise and allows it to take a rightful place within new Russian economy.

Holidays pass too fast. The anniversary will fade away. But today there is confidence that life in the walls of the factory will continue after the celebrations are over.